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Professional solutions for temporary changes of ownership in special situations



About Atlantik Advisors

ATLANTIK ADVISORS takes on interim shareholder roles where a temporary change of ownership is required in order to achieve and safeguard a sustainable solution. In addition to the double sided trusteeship – a well-established out-of-court restructuring tool – ATLANTIK ADVISORS also offers lender-led solutions without any participation of the former shareholder. 


ATLANTIK ADVISORS ensures that all stakeholders contribute to the turnaround fairly and that the final success of restructuring is distributed accordingly. As an interim shareholder, ATLANTIK ADVISORS delivers business restructuring away from the public eye. No two cases are alike – the roles taken on by ATLANTIK ADVISORS will be tailor-made to suit the particular circumstances. ATLANTIK ADVISORS’ contractually defined tasks provide a reliable scheme to the entrepreneur and the other stakeholders. Our position as shareholder is not a permanent one – we have a consistent exit mind-set that is governed by the exit scenarios agreed in advance. This also includes the transfer of the shares back to the previous shareholder subsequent to a successful restructuring.


We offer an interdisciplinary approach with considerable expertise in the resolution of restructuring problems, including professional support from legal and operational experts. To that end we have established a network of legal consultants, CROs, restructuring experts, auditors, etc. Where necessary, we bring the operational business on site and take responsibility for the project management office in order to ensure implementation of the mutually agreed restructuring path. We create transparency and control for the key stakeholders through regular, standardised reporting and tailored corporate governance.


We offer individual solutions with customized trust solutions – from simple trusteeships to multi-level LuxCo structures.

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